Joke in hindi – Modi’s idea on karwa choth issue to chitragupt 

एक दिन चित्रगुप्त ने ब्रह्माजी से

प्रार्थना की – “प्रभु, ये ‘करवा चौथ के व्रत से सात जनम तक एक ही पति’ मिलने वाली योजना बंद कर दीजाए !”
ब्रह्माजी – “क्यों ?”
चित्रगुप्त – “प्रभु, मैनेज करना कठिन

होता जा रहा है … औरत सातों जनम

वही पति मांगती हैं लेकिन पुरुष हर बार

दूसरी औरत मांगता है … बहुत दिक्कत हो रही है समझाने में !”
ब्रह्माजी – “लेकिन यह स्कीम आदिकाल से चली आ रही है इसे बंद नहीं किया जा सकता !”
तभी नारद मुनि आ गए. उन्होंने सुझाव

दिया कि पृथ्वी पर   narendra modi  नाम के एक महान विचारक रहते हैं. उनसे जाकर सलाह ली जाये.
चित्रगुप्त   modi ke  पास गए.


ने एक पल में समस्या का समाधान कर दिया – “जो भी औरत सातों जनम वही पति डिमांड करे … उसे दे दो. लेकिन शर्त ये लगा दो कि यदि पति वही चाहिए तो “सास” भी वही मिलेगी !!!”
” डिमांड बंद ..”

मोदी rocked

God is in humans and best worship is Humanity

Father and daughter went to a temple. Suddenly, daughter  shouted after seeing the pillars of Lions at the entrance of the temple.    “Run Dad, those Lions will eat us ”
Dad consoled her saying “they are just statues and wont harm us”
Daughter replied ” if those lion statues wont harm us then how could statues of God give us blessings”
The father wrote in his diary…”I am still speechless on my child’s answer and have started searching for God in Humans instead of statues. I didn’t find God but I found humanity!!”

India’s New Currency Note of 2000 has No Typo Error : it’s not Hindi it’s Konkani – It Says “दोन” instead of “दो” – Funny Languages


On the reverse is a language panel which displays the denomination of the note in 15 of the 22 official languages of India. The languages are displayed in alphabetical order. Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Kashmiri, Konkani, Malayalam,Marathi, Nepali, Oriya, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu.

Funny story : why documentation is important

📄📝Once Ashish was travelling by train in A/c class.  He was traveling from Manmad to Bangalore !
He was traveling alone !
Some time later, a Beautiful lady came and sat in the opposite birth !
Ashish was pleasantly Happy !
The lady kept smiling at him!  This made Ashish even more Happy !
Then she went and sat next to him !
Ashish was bubbling with Joy !
She then leant towards him and whispered in his ear “Hand over all your valuables, cash, cards, mobile phone to me else I will shout and tell everybody that you are  harassing and misbehaving with me.”
Ashish stared blankly at her !
He took out a paper and a pen from his bag and wrote “I can not hear or speak. You write on this paper whatever you want to say.”

The lady wrote everything what she said earlier and gave it to him !
Ashish took her note, kept it in his pocket !
He got up and told her in clear tones…”Now shout & scream !”

Killer comedy story of gujarati, madrasi and sardar

​This is really killer one…😂👍

A Gujrati, a Madrasi and a Sardar were doing construction work on scaffolding on the 20th floor of a building.
They were having lunch and the Gujju opened his lunch box & said, “Dhokla! If I get dhokla one more time for lunch, I’m going to jump off this building.”
The Madrasi opened his lunch box and exclaimed, “Idli Sambhar again! If I get idli sambhar one more time I’m going to jump off too.”
The Sardaar opened his lunch and said, “Paratha again! If I get a paratha one more time, I’m jumping too.”
The next day, the Gujju opened his lunch box, saw dhokla, and jumped to his death.

The Madrasi opened his lunch, saw idli sambhar, and jumped, too.
The Sardaar opened his lunch, saw the paratha and jumped to his death as well.

At the funeral, Gujju’s wife was weeping.. She said, “If I’d known how really tired he was of dhokla, I never would have given it to him again!”
The Madrasi’s wife also wept and said, “I could have given him dossa! I didn’t realize he hated idli sambhar so much.”
Everyone turned and stared at the Sardaar’s wife.

The Sardaar’s wife said,

“Don’t look at me.

He makes his own Lunch.”



Update in MVAT Rates and Reverse Calculations for 6% and 13.5%

Please note that, as per Maharashtra Goverment finance depatment  Notification No. VAT. 1516/CR123 dated 16.09.2016, the exsiting Rate of MVAT  of 5.5% and 12.5% has been  increased to 6% and 13.5%  with immediate effect i.e from 17.09.2016 onwards. 
Hence, we suggest you to kindly update your Billing system accordingly
MVAT Rate Change - Reverse /Backward Calculation - (for Discount Entries)
MVAT Rate Change – Reverse /Backward Calculation – (for Discount Entries)Updat

Its ur ATTITUDE….and Not Ur Aptitude….  that Determines Ur ALTITUDE… short inspirational story

Long ago, in China there lived a big businessman whose business was to sell combs. Now that he was becoming old and about to retire, he wanted to place the business into wise and able hands.

So, he called forth his three sons and instructed them, that their assignment was to sell combs in the Buddhist monastery. The sons were shocked and confused because the monks in the monastery were bald and they never grew any hair. Anyhow, the three sons went about the job that was assigned to them.
After two days, the first son reported he had sold two combs. When the father asked how, he replied, that he instructed the monks that the comb would be a valuable tool for scratching their backs in case of itching.
The second son appeared later and told that he had sold ten combs by advising the monks that the combs would help their visitors and pilgrims to comb their hair before entering the monastery, as their hair might have ruffled during the journey to monastery.
Then the third son came out with a surprising sales figure of a thousand combs. The father filled with happiness and anxiety, asked him how he had achieved such a feat.
The third son replied, that he gave the monks an idea.The idea was, that if some of the teachings of Buddha were to be printed/embossed on the comb and given as a take away gift to the visitors and pilgrims; they will remember the teachings of Buddha on a daily basis while combing their hair.

This creative idea struck the deal.
The simple story above goes to show that, “ Where there is a WILL, there is always a way”

And Not Ur Aptitude….

That Determines Ur ALTITUDE…..