Funny Story Narration by 3 Cute Girls – Original Video –


This video is of 3 Cute Indisn Girls Narrating Story of 1 Murgi ke 2 Bache the ek ka naam Chi tha ek ka naam chun tha….

very very cute expressions

This video with changes in audio has became more viral with the Marathi funny audio song “Sonu Tuya Mahya Var Bharosa Nay Kay”, Here is the embeded Funny Song Clip


Inspirational Story : Tiger in the Toilet

Once a stranded Tiger entered the washroom in a Corporate Office and hid in a dark corner. Since there were people outside the washroom through the day, the Tiger was afraid to come out.

Many people frequented the washroom, but the frightened Tiger didn’t touch anyone. However, after four days it couldn’t bear hunger anymore, so it caught a man who had come in, and ate him.

This man happened to be an Assistant General Manager in the organization, but nobody noticed his disappearance.

Since nothing untoward happened, the Tiger became bolder and after two days caught another man and ate him.

This man was the General Manager of the organization.

Still, nobody worried over his disappearance (Some people even happy that he was not seen in the office).

Next day, the Tiger caught the Vice President who was a terror in the organization.

Again nothing happened. The Tiger was very happy and decided that this was the perfect place for him to live.

The very next day the happy Tiger caught a man who had entered the washroom while balancing a tray of teacups in one hand.

The frightened man fell unconscious. Within fifteen minutes a huge hue and cry ensued, and everyone in the office started looking for the man. The search team reached the washroom, flushed out the Tiger and saved the unconscious man. He was the tea boy in the office.

*Moral of the Story*

It is not the position, but our usefulness to others that makes us lovable and respectable. If your subordinates are happy in your absence that means your not a perfect leader.

Acknowledgement: From the book *Tiger in the Toilet*

Met Sonu Sood on Srilankan Airport (Shared Same Flight from Mumbai to Srilanka)

We were lucky enough not only to spot Indian Bollywood Star (Hunk) Sonu Sood on Srilanka Airport but also got chance to take a selfie with him. Sonu was very warm and gentle with fans on Airport and allowed people to meet him and get selfies with them.

Here is our selfie with the Star. (Dt.: 30.12.2016)


In the Selfie from Left to Right

Priyank Visaria, Dhiren Gala, Sonu Sood, Priti Gala and Forum Visariya.


Pickme – Taxi on Demand in Srilanka – Colombo

On our 10 Days Srilanka Tour, One of the Noted things in Srilanka – Colombo was, the Pickme – Taxi / 3 Wheeler Tuk (Rickshaw in India) on demand. This services has really made the life simpler in Colombo, Srilanka.  The services are available 24×7 and can be compared with Ola / Uber in India.


out of curiosity I tried to found more about pickme on google and found many interesting facts.


  1. Pickeme has Mobile app for Android, Windows and Apple Platform.
  2. Offical Website
  3. People behind Pick me are Jiffry Zulfer (Founder), Faththi Mohammed and Mohammed Gazzaly
  4. The App is available in 4 languages : English, Chinese, Singhalese, Tamil
  5. The idea was conceptualized in October 2014, where as the passenger app was launched in June 2015.

Be Happy and Grateful with what you have

gratefulMain key to be optimistic in tough times is being grateful for what you have, It must be very difficult for you in that time, but believe me you must be having a lot many things which will boost you.





When Free Just make a list of things that you have and are grateful for. e.g. good hair, good home, loving sibling etc. and preserve this list carefully. Whenever you are in difficult times and find your self lost and frustrated, just go back to this list and go through the things you have written for immediate Boost.

Amazon Go – Do Shopping without Checkout – Technology News


What is Amazon Go?
Amazon Go is a new kind of technology in retail store where no checkout is required. It’s the world’s most advanced shopping technology where you never have to wait in line. With their Just Walk Out Shopping experience, simply use the Amazon Go app to enter the store, take the products you want, and go! No lines, no checkout.

How does Amazon Go work?
Checkout-free shopping experience is made possible by the same types of technologies used in self-driving cars: computer vision, sensor fusion, and deep learning. Just Walk Out technology automatically detects when products are taken from or returned to the shelves and keeps track of them in a virtual cart. When you’re done shopping, you can just leave the store. Shortly after, They will charge your Amazon account and send you a receipt.


For Complete Detail please visit official page at